Looking for a car where you don’t have to spend a fortune on gas? Problem solved…the Prius offers an estimated 51 mpg city, 48 mpg highway, and 50 mpg combined. Not only is the Prius easier on your pocket book but also the environment. All of the savings stem from the Hybrid Synergy Drive system. It is a system that can be powered by the engine, electric motor or both. This advancement in the Prius chooses the most efficient mode for the best mpg, ultimately helping you stay cost affective. Along with the Synergy Drive system, Prius also offers three consumer controls. The first control is EV which runs on battery power for up to one mile. The second control is ECO which maintains the fuel sufficiency by adjusting throttle and climate control. The third control is the power mode which is intended to produce a more “spirited” driving experience.

Not only is the Prius one of the most efficient cost saving cars on the market, it’s also more spacious than one might think. To the skeptics out there, check out this fun fact…it can seat five passengers comfortably, yes I said five passengers! The front has 42.5 inches of leg room and 36 inches in the rear. The Prius also offers a central apex (a peak in the center of the roofline) which allows for more head room. Toyota has really optimized the dimensions and space of this automobile, allowing it to fit the mold of many. The Prius allows everyone to ride in comfort; family and friends will truly enjoy the experience as well.

From a family to a single driver, the original Prius offers safety, space, and affordability that we all seek in an automobile. With an estimated sticker price of $24,200, this car proves it’s a big bang for the buck. This outstanding car will get you to your destination in a safe and cost effective manner. Who doesn’t like that concept!? For more information on what’s in stock, check out Wesley Chapel Toyota.

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