Wesley Chapel Toyota and East Pasco Habitat for Humanity

Wesley Chapel Toyota teams up with East Pasco Habitat for Humanity as a team effort to provide better shelter conditions for all mankind. With such strong companies joining forces, the amount of rebuild could be one of enormous measures. Not only are homes being rehabilitated, but also new construction is taking place.  This allows for every man, woman and child the opportunity to live in a place of safety and dignity.

Habitat for Humanity is founded on the Christian principles that seek to put love into action by building homes, communities and hope. They are able to make this happen by holding fundraisers, and also receiving support from churches, business corporations as well as the local government. Families are then selected on need, willingness to become partners and the ability to pay back the no interest mortgage. In order to make this all work accordingly, Habitat for Humanity uses volunteer labor along with the 400 hours the family partners put in to building these homes. This is all done on the mission that everyone has a decent place to live.

Wesley Chapel Toyota has employees dedicated to helping the East Pasco Habitat for Humanity in meeting the goals and beliefs for those in their community.  The goal is to eliminate poverty housing along with providing decent shelter to those in need. The extra hands that Wesley Chapel Toyota is lending will allow the organization to meet their goals in a more timely and sufficient manner. Along with East Pasco, Habitat for Humanity also serves Central Pasco County and the surrounding Tampa Bay areas. The more hands on deck Wesley Chapel Toyota can supply, the greater the success rate for rebuilding and repairing their community.

East and Central Pasco County Habitat for Humanity encourages people from all walks of life to role of volunteer, dedicating their energy, time, sweat and hard work into fulfilling the dreams of many. The employees are going above and beyond the call of duty in order to help make their community a better place. By serving The Tampa Bay area and its organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Wesley Chapel Toyota is exemplifying what hard work and help can achieve.

Wesley Chapel Toyota exceeds community expectations by taking a step above the rest and giving to those in need. Not only do they get to work closely with the East Pasco Habitat for Humanity, they also are developing a relationship with the families these homes are being built for. They stand strong in their beliefs to give back and help those in less fortunate.

As East Pasco Habitat for Humanity pushes forward restoring and building more homes, Wesley Chapel Toyota will continue to dedicate their time, strength and commitment in making sure this is a success. Pleasing the families and helping them along the way is the main goal both affiliations strive for.

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