Wesley Chapel Toyota Teams up with Florida Blood Service

Wesley Chapel Toyota teams up with the Florida Blood Service in an effort to give back to those in the community who need it the most. Wesley Chapel Toyota has donated over 80 pints of blood saving over 200 lives! They go above and beyond the expectations placed upon them by donating quarterly for this cause.

Florida Blood Services is an affiliation that strives to save lives. They say on average “one donor can save up to three lives”. Wesley Chapel Toyota empowers their employees to be that saving grace for another human being. Giving back to the community has always been a huge role of those working for the dealership. Putting their values into action is what places this company a step above the rest.

The donation procedure itself takes approximately ten minutes, that’s a small price to pay to save a life. The Wesley Chapel Toyota staff feels there is no greater joy than providing a service that can alter the life of those in need. What a great experience it is to take minutes out of your day to improve the life of an individual for a lifetime. That’s the type of staff this Wesley Chapel Toyota group employs.

By working closely with the Florida Blood Service, this will enable two large companies to tackle the large problem head on together. The more donators, the larger the donations, therefore a greater supply to these individuals that are sick and in distress. The heart these two organizations have is extremely admirable and they show the true meaning of “giving”.

Wesley Chapel Toyota will continue to work closely with the Florida Blood Service in providing such a necessary service to their community. By taking minutes out of your day, you can improve the lively hood of another human being. The employees feel it’s a rewarding and uplifting feeling to know their minimal time will have such a huge impact for someone else.

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