Listen, you do not have to be an environmentalist to drive a Toyota Prius.  The efficient vehicle can be found in driveways across America, as it fits the needs of many different people.  It just makes economic sense in ways no car has been before.  The new redesigned Prius can now be seen up close and personal with the friendly folk’s at Wesley Chapel Toyota and get ready for an enjoyable and very enlightening time.

2016-toyota-prius-two-eco-frontFor example, you will learn that this new Prius delivers a “jaw dropping” impressive 52 miles per gallon.  Not a misprint.  A collection of new engineering tweaks make Prius’ 1.8-liter four cylinder a slow sipping fuel marvel and yet a stylish and roomy four door that keeps you ahead of traffic.

Also helping out the 2016 Prius is a more efficient transmission, a higher tech Lithium battery and the redesigned sleek aerodynamic lozenge body style.  The bet is on when you first lay eyes on this new Toyota, you will think it’s one of those fancy expensive European small sedans.  The redesigned Prius also comes with a more sophisticated rear suspension that smooths out its ride as well as receiving agile handling and less body roll as you take on those country curves.

The Prius is more than a pretty face in its wider and lower stance as it drives as good as it looks.  One is ready for your test drive in your favorite color and model.  When you slide into those comfortable and sturdy seats you and yours will be amazed how much room you have, especially in the rear seats.

This year’s Prius is bursting with a new stylish and well-appointed interior that has all the necessary modern tools for communication and entertainment while behind the wheel.  Colorful digital gauges dominate the dashboard which makes it easier to access the infotainment systems.

Just ask an owner and they are not shy on expressing how much they appreciate their Prius in the drive times and especially when going past gas pumps.  It has been the fuel-economy champ for more than 10 years.  Even if gas is only two bucks a gallon, just figure out how much money you are saving without sacrificing comfort, style, room and driving efficiency.  It even gets better as Toyota has a Prius Eco Model that gets even better gas mileage.  By the way, in Latin Prius means “to go forward”.  Makes sense.  Owners of the Prius love their Prius!

Consumer Reports gives the car the highest marks in customer satisfaction and isn’t that one of the biggest reasons you make that investment in a new ride as you want to have an enjoyable time behind the wheel. The Prius will be as fun to drive as it is to be seen in.

Check one out with a short drive to Wesley Chapel Toyota and also find out why this dealership has the highest marks around in Customer Service before and especially after the sale.  Their friends or customers do come back for a new Toyota don’t make a secret of why that happens.  Go ahead and get the “fun factor” back in your drive times with the new and redesigned Toyota Prius for 2016.  Visit for more info today!



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